lemurbouy (lemurbouy) wrote,

Dear Livejournal

Dear Livejournal, the Reverend Doctor the Missus and I saw Bridesmaids this evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Had I seen it without hearing how much better it was than people expected it to be, I probably would have been surprised by how much better it was than I would have expected it to be.  However, it absolutely met my expectations which were at a nice, healthy level.  I've been watching a ton of the IT Crowd, so I was particularly happy to see Mr. O'Dowd getting some healthy screen time.  Rachel was mortified throughout much of it though I did catch her laughing against her better judgement.  I highly recommend it for all the reasons.  That is all for now.

Be well, Livejournal.  You're a good friend.

Yours truly, Leeman
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