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Dear Livejournal
Dear Livejournal, it has been a while.  Currently, my wife is traipsing around England and Scotland with Alice, hitting various religious sites and taking a gargantuan amount of pictures if I do know her.  Bilbo and I have been keeping things pretty calm in the house although there has been the occasional altercation.  Right now, I am in one theatrical production going up for the Fringe and trying to arrange for another theatrical production that will be going on in Hamilton, God willing.  I hope that I can balance the two but we shall see.  Today and tomorrow and then on Sunday, I am occupied with Standardized Patienting and lots of it.  It's been enjoyable but the sheer hours it's taking up is quite daunting.  Luckily, we have arranged for folks to look in on poor Bilbo so he is not caged up all day.  I'm looking forward to seeing my family in Nashville in about a week; indeed there are plans for gaming so hijinx may abound.  More news as it arrives.

Forgive my absence, Livejournal.  You're a good friend.

Yours truly, Leeman