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Dear Livejournal
Dear Livejournal, Nashville was quite the trip.  I ate a lot and played with my nephews although I also played a good amount of Fallout New Vegas.  Good game; I wish I could play more of it now.  Instead I must satisfy myself with some Alpha Centauri although, out of the blue, it's starting to open in a lousy windowed mode which cuts off portions of the screen.  Ah well.  Since returning, I've been watching a bunch of the first season of Fringe.  Not a great show but it's all right.  Denethor is pretty good but I want to punch Joshua Jackson in his throat.  Rachel starts up her work with Grace Church on Wednesday so tomorrow is her last day of freedom.  The Fringe show I'm in, Wishes are Horses, is going rather well although the Lovecraft play is hitting some snags.  I really hope we're able to iron them out.  It's going to be pretty touch and go for a while.  Wish us luck.

Thanks for sticking around, Livejournal.  You're a good friend.

Yours truly, Leeman