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Dear Livejournal
Dear Livejournal, I'm enjoying watching An Evening with Kevin Smith as I sit back and contemplate a rather successful Saturday.  We had a crisis this morning when Rachel discovered her sermon hadn't transferred to her data key at work and she was going to be in Kingston most of the day for an ordination.  Being the hero that I am, I strapped a dog to myself and made my way up to her church where I logged in and emailed it to her and then walked back down the hill with said dog, thus saving the day and getting the dog's necessary exercise out of the way.  I actually sat down with a book for probably the first time in a month and made some headway on China Mieville's Embassytown which I enjoy but am not in love with.  After that,  I attended my main monkeyman, DJ Sylvis' 40th birthday, ate me some gnocchi and geeked out with the best of them.  Finally, I came home, proofread a sermon and am now enjoying some late night comic stylings.  

All in all, a good day, Livejournal.  You're a good friend.

Yours truly, Leeman