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Dear Livejournal
Dear Livejournal, so as folks who have been following for a while know, I have a whole complex as relates to my role as a consumer of internet content.  From time to time, I try to switch hats and produce some kind of comedic thing for others to enjoy.  Why even, this very Dear Livejournal was part of that urge to get out there and create something, even as ephemeral as this.  The end results usually last for a few weeks, maybe a month but seldom more than that.  I'm thinking specifically of Walken Theatre and my old, brief Judging Creation blog.  For the last few months, however, I have managed to start something and keep it going on a daily basis.  I've been listing, for over 160 days, the Lies I Want to Tell My Children.  Not only has the response to this been warm and encouraging, it's been fairly consistent.  Yesterday, someone told me I should just put them all in a Facebook public page so everyone could enjoy them and so I did and the results are there to be enjoyed.  My fear now is that, having put all this out there, my normal comedic stamina will start to lag and what was a daily piece of humour will slowly fade away only this time with a higher number of eyeballs to witness its gradual deflation.  I'm hoping I can buck the trend and get through a little over 200 more so that I can finally start work on the page a day calendar.  That's where the real money is.

Thanks for consuming me, Livejournal.  You're a good friend.

Yours truly, Leeman